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Creation of Adam Side Table by Kim Curtis

Creation of Adam Side Table by Kim Curtis

When I saw this classic, quality piece of furniture, I knew the artwork would need to be just as classic and refined and so I looked to the timeless art of Michelangelo. This famous ‘touching moment’ is from his Creation of Adam scene which forms the central panel of his masterpiece fresco, the Sistine Chapel ceiling and depicts God, with his out-stetched finger, giving life to the awakening Adam.

Tinted handles on the Side Table
Dove tail joints on the drawers
Close up of the table top artwork

Details on the side table include brass drawer pulls and rings that have been given a green tint with wax and a shellac coating to blend in with the overall look…

…a solid wood carcass put together with machine precision and a smooth, matte finish in a deep viridian green. A number of coats of paint gives durability…

…and a carefully observed, hand painted copy of the Michelangelo hands in oil. Once thoroughly dry, five coats of matt varnish were applied to this top panel.

The full artwork on the top of the Creation of Adam Table

I painted my version of the hands as a verdaille – a tonal study in green – to not only put my own unique slant on the piece but to match the beautifully bold green on the main body of the side table picking out the rich viridian in the shadows and introducing almost aqua highlights.

The front view of the Side Table

The piece had suffered from a number of dents, scratches and ring marks to the top but after a good sanding, these have been eliminated. Destined for the dump, we can now see it adorning an elegant hallway, stylish study or luxurious bedroom!

H: 701mm W:1200mm D:407mm

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