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Buzzed! by Peter Taylor Ward

Top view of Buzzed Coffee Table

Buzzed! is a hand painted Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward. Give your living space a jolt of high-energy impact,  fun and style with this unique, pop-art inspired table.

Pop Art began in the UK in the 1950s but exploded into mainstream culture in America in the 1960s.  Artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein were at the forefront. They produced paintings, sculpture, prints and installations that parodied, celebrated and elevated the commercial art of packaging, comic books and advertising of the day. The punchy, bright, off-the-wall artwork that resulted still has appeal today and many of these iconic pieces continue to inspire artists and illustrators around the globe. 

Just as the Pop Art Artists re-used and re-invented found objects and the work of other creatives, so this once plain wooden Coffee Table has been re-invented with a re-used pop art image.  As soon as he saw the shape of the table, Peter was reminded of the work of Lichtenstein. He has re-imagined the boot fair table with stunning comic book artwork taking after Lichtenstein’s painting – ‘As I Opened Fire’.

Impress friends with the Buzzed Coffee Table
View of the artwork on Buzzed Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward

The dynamic design on the table top will add bold colour and originality to a room. At the same time, the attractive cool grey of the legs mirrors the artwork’s military theme  and provides a great neutral tone. This on-trend colour will fit with many modern or eclectic design schemes. Add to this a quirky red, white and blue slatted magazine shelf and you have the perfect marriage of functionality and style! 

Perfect for those who like pop art, retro aesthetics or are overgrown comic book fans!

The Painted Bars on the Buzzed Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward
Close up of Buzzed Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward
Close up of the Buzzed Coffee Table

As with all Cut Loose Art Furniture, we source unloved, discarded pieces and turn them into works of art! This boot fair table is made of solid, wood, presented no faults or flaws and is of a modern construction. It was then hand-painted using high quality artists’ acrylics and emulsion and protected with three coats of durable acrylic varnish. The ‘Buzzed!’ Coffee Table – lovingly re-invigorated by Peter Taylor Ward.

Side view of the Buzzed Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward

w: 889mm D:465mm H: 400mm

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