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Can-Can Chair by Kim Curtis

Can Can hand painted Thonet Chair

Can Can chair by Kim Curtis. What can be more quintessentially Parisian than an iconic Bistro Bentwood chair?

The fact that it was designed by a German-Austrian Cabinet Maker and made in Czechoslovakia somehow gets forgotten as it so strongly conjures up the chic cafes or even the rowdier, more risque music halls of Paris in its ‘La Belle Epoch’ with its elegant lines and stylish simplicity. 

The revolutionary bent wood construction process was invented by Michael Thonet and was so well-received that it was immediately in demand all across Europe and beyond and versions are still made to this day.Fischel Tchecoslov embossed stamp

This particular chair carries the embossed mark of the Fischel Tchecoslov factory which we believe places its manufacture between the 1870s and the mid 1920s.

Classic chair back of a Thonet Bentwood Chair
The painted seat of the Thonet Chair
Close up of the Can Can Chair by Kim Curtis

For the artwork, I have gone to a time when music and art thrived in Paris and the gaiety, life and intensity of the city were so brilliantly captured by the many young artists who had flocked there. Thonet patented his ‘Coffee Shop Chair No. 14’ in 1859 so it is likely that Toulose Lautrec would have been familiar with this chair in 1896 when he painted ‘Troupe de Mlle. Eglantine’. It just seemed fitting to me to put them together and have the girls – if not dancing on the tables – certainly dancing on the chair! And – sorry Lautrec – with slightly prettier faces!!

Thonet Chair
The elegant legs of the Thonet Chair

When I received it, the chair had been covered in a multitude of paint layers, it was very wobbly and the seat was coming away. To see its journey, please visit our blog article.  Now it is stabilised, painted, rejuvenated and ready for 100 more years. 

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