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The Great Wave Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward

Hand Painted Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward featuring Hokusai's Great Wave

The Great Wave Coffee Table is a real statement piece. It is a large, imposing coffee table with a stunning hand painted copy of Hokusai’s famous ‘Great Wave’ that is sure to make a fantastic centrepiece to your Living Room.

Hokusai found critical acclaim and fame during his lifetime and his popularity still endures with this particular image being one of his most famous. The image is more correctly called ‘Under a Great Wave off Kanagawa’ and was one in a series of prints. The prints were published under the title  ‘Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji’  in the late 1820s or early 1830s. 

The Great Wave Coffee Table by Peter Ward

The stunning graphic style of his 19th century wood block prints has obvious influences on the art of graphic novels and Manga Illustration. The work still seems very relevant and fresh and the harmonious palette of this particular image will allow it to compliment even the most contemporary of interiors.

The Coffee Table Artwork with stained wood surround

This view shows how the top of the table looks with the full painting. When I saw the table, I instantly thought of Hokusai’s Great Wave wood print and found that I only had to adapt the print a little to fill the central top section.

Close up of The Great Wave Coffee Table
Great Wave Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward
Great Wave Coffee Table by Peter Taylor Ward

Look closely and you will see the line work on the crest of the wave..

 and the hand applied brushwork on the boats and sea spray…

whilst the blue stain accentuates the grain and extends the sea theme beyond the main image

The Great Wave Coffee Table

The table is made in beautiful solid wood and is a Margaret Muir piece. Muir’s designs were strongly influenced by aspects of all Eastern Cultures as well as natural forms.

It certainly has a strikingly Oriental style and the ‘rippling’ of the wood grain has a natural ‘flowing water’ feel. 

The hand-blended wood stain compliments the image whilst drawers on each corner make an interesting style and storage feature.

Another boot fair find, its original finish had been worn and scuffed but with a little Cut Loose TLC, we hope you’ll agree that it  is again a desirable piece of furniture.

One of the drawers pulled out
The profile of the end of the table

H:400mm W:850mm L:1540mm

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