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The Selfie by Peter Taylor Ward

Hand Painted Chair by Peter Talor Ward

The Selfie uses another classic Pop Art image by Roy Lichtenstein. Just as I was inspired by Lichtenstein, so Lichtenstein was inspired by comic books of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and a lot of his pieces look to the styles, colours and compositions that this commercial art form pioneered. The works of comic book artists Jack Kirby, Russ Heath and Jerry Grandenetti, among others, were all used in Lichtensteins’s work. In fact, ‘As I opened Fire’, which inspired my ‘Buzzed‘ table, was taken from panels in the storyline ‘Wingmate of Doom’ by Grandenetti.

Lichtenstein sought to replicate the commercial printing processes of comic books with the use of primary colours, thick black outlines, and Benday dots but on a much, much larger scale. He succeeded in achieving a machine made look using techniques and materials more common to the Fine Art world. 

Picture Perfect Camera

This particular image is very reminiscent of the period he focused on with the stereotypical ‘blonde bombshell’. In the image, the bombshell is checking her curls and luscious red lipstick in her compact mirror. But the pose also looks very much like the modern phenomenon of the ‘selfie’ as the girl holds up her mobile phone and makes sure she is picture-perfect!

The result is a practical, modern chair with a modern twist and an undeniable retro feel! A piece of furniture to liven up a room with fun and, of course, gorgeous good looks! Perfect! 

The Selfie Chair by Peter Taylor Ward
Close up of Perfection Chair by Peter Taylor Ward
Ready for my Close up

The chair is of a modern construction, which mirrors the Pop Artists use of everyday items that were contemporary to them, and came to us with its partner – now known as the ‘Whaam’ chair! – needing no repairs. The artwork was executed in highly pigmented, durable artist’s acrylic and casein paint and varnished with several applications to give a lovely satin finish that  I feel gives a nod to the semi-gloss pages of comic books.


The chair’s previous owners had relegated it to the loft but we now see it as taking pride of place in a quirky bedroom or bathroom or providing a bit of welcoming colour in a themed entrance hall. And why not watch out for more Cut Loose Art chairs in the future – we feel a totally unique dining room set coming on!

Perfection Chair by Peter Taylor Ward

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