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Union Flag Bedside Tables by Kim Curtis

Union Flag Bedside Tables by Kim Curtis

Add Union Flag bedside tables to you room for some Cool Britannia!

These two bedside cabinets have the same construction as the ‘Creation of Adam’ Side Table. All of them are a classic, simple design that references Georgian elegance but with a practical,  no-nonsense feel of a more modern manufacture.

Flag detail

To me, there was something of the British bulldog about the two sturdy little tables so vintage Union Flags seemed to be the perfect adornment!   

The flag designs on the tops are complimented with a luscious raspberry crimson colour in matte eggshell. This is on the rest of the table and is both in keeping with the flags and to add a bit of funkiness! 

Each table is of the same design with one drawer that runs the full depth and width of the table and brass ring drawer pulls that have been stained a matching crimson.

And what about the flags? (Note I’m calling them flags –  Jacks are found on ships! Sorry can’t help being pedantic like that!! Hope I’ve got them the right way up after that. No doubt it will be pointed out to me if they’re not!!) Anyway…the flags are hand-painted and although the tables can be used in a pair to sit either side of your four-poster, they are each painted with their own individual flag and will, therefore, be able to hold their own as one-off, unique pieces of furniture.

They have been painted in oil colour in a loose, rippling design to imitate a gentle movement as though fluttering in the breeze and I have used a rich prussian blue, a deep alizarin crimson and parchment white ‘dirtied’ with yellow ochre and naples yellow to achieve a faded grandeur look. 

The top of Union Flag Version A Bedside Table
Front view of Union Flag Table version A
Union Flag version A Bedside Table

The tables are of a modern, well-made, machine construction and had no issues apart from being a rather uninspiring dark brown. It was just another example of furniture, with a good deal of life left in them, finding themselves out of favour and waiting to be discarded just for the want of a little re-juvenation!

Now I think they have a spark of personality and will add some fun and colour to a room as well as appealing to those who, like me, love a bit of a vintage, nostalgic slant when it comes to interior design and furnishings!

But, just in case you were wondering, the lamps aren’t included!

The top of Union Flag Version B Bedside Table
Front view of Union Flag B
Union Flag Table version B

If you have any queries about these pieces or commissioning your own flag artwork, just drop us a line.

H:600mm W: D: of each table
Single: £160 Pair: £300

For further details, please contact us at Cut Loose Art

I am available!

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