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Because of RM strikes due to take place on 9th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 23rd and 24th of December, there will be disruption to our collections and delays on delivery times. We will be working hard to get your goods out to you but please allow more time for delivery of your orders as a result of the delays this will cause.
Delivery is no longer guaranteed for Christmas.

About Us

Cut Loose Art are Peter Taylor Ward and Kim Curtis.

We started our market stall selling our paintings, drawings and hand-painted furniture in 1996. Then, in 2008, we had the brainwave of using our experience to start selling art materials to other creatives. The business grew and grew and slowly there was no time for painting and drawing and all the things that we loved.

This just wouldn’t do! So, we’re kicking off our Sunday shoes, pulling up from our knees and we’re getting ready to cut loose. We’re going back to what we know and do best!

Between us, we cover numerous styles and genres and paint on everything from paper to wardrobes. Ok – everything that is derived from a tree!

We hope you enjoy browsing our work and following our blog as we let our creativity run wild!

Original Paintings & Drawings

We both studied Illustration. Peter majored in Technical and Architectural Drawing whilst I concentrated on character-based book and media stuff. On Cut Loose Art, you will still see much of this in our work. But you will also find landscapes, figurative work, botanical illustration and still lifes. You will find works in oil, pen, watercolour, charcoal, acrylic, gouache, inks and pencil and even the occasional collage or 3-dimensional piece. We’re nothing if not diverse!

Cut Loose Art are Kim Curtis and Peter Taylor Ward
Picture Perfect Camera


Printed Items

Our printed items include framed prints, wall plaques, large printed canvases, ornaments & soft furnishings. All of these feature reproductions of our original artwork or original drawings that have been digitally coloured or had type added.

As well as mega big painted Wall Art, we also offer large Wall Art pieces that are printed from our original artwork. These can be over a metre high or wide (depending on the image) and are cut to the shape of the subject. The result is an impressive, eye-catching statement piece.

The same original images are also reproduced to make attractive Desk Art. These high quality prints are again mounted on wood and cut to the shape of the subject. They are then displayed on oak or painted bases. These smaller pieces add interest to shelves, desks, mantlepieces or  sideboards.

Or, for a more traditional look, we offer prints of our artwork in smart frames. 


But why stop at Wall Art, Desk Art and Cushions?! Like a lot of people, we feel there are way too many good pieces of furniture being binned. And why are they being binned? Simply that they look a bit tired, scuffed or dated. But just a bit of TLC would give them a new lease of life.  So, we take old, soon-to-be-trashed furniture and make them desirable again. Now, as much as I would like to say this is done from a purely eco-friendly stand point, the truth is we simply like the process of transforming a thing into something that we feel is better! We like beautiful things and making things beautiful.

Browse our website to see the different styles we work in and the products we create. You can also see our work at The Emporium, Wellington and Tom Deer in Dunster. And keep an eye on the website for details of other fairs and pop-ups in the Devon and Somerset area in the coming months.

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