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Venice Tint Series by Peter Taylor Ward

Venetian Style

A lost cause? A Venetian Style makeover on an extremely battered, old chair. This unimpressive piece of furniture looked like it had stood in a

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Libyan Sybil Charcoal Drawing by Kim Curtis

The Libyan Sybil

The Libyan Sybil is featured in another section of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Masterpiece. This particular figure from Classical mythology was a prophetess named Phemonoe. My charcoal

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Venice I Tint Cushion by Peter Taylor Ward

Cosy Art

Cut Loose Art have been working hard to bring Art to the Heart of your Home!  And, with our new range of cushions, you can

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Printed artwork entitled Venice IV Tint by Peter Taylor Ward

Venice Charcoal Drawing The charcoal drawing of Venice IV Tint takes shape.  So, as you would expect, every print starts as a drawing. This short film shows

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