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Allow Us To Illuminate You

Lana Pop Head Lampshade by Kim Curtis

Fancy a bit of glamorous illumination?

Taken from Peter’s series of ‘Pop Head’ paintings, this Cut Loose Art lampshade gives a quirky, fun twist to any interior. Marry it with modern or traditional interiors and it will shine!

The design is inspired by the comic art of the 1950s and 1960s which was popularised by such artists as Lichtenstein. Add to this the repeated design on our shades and you have a classy filmatic look.

This sultry femme fatale portrait is joined by a  number of other classic comic book women. Check out the shop for our other Pop Art products.

Rizzo Pop Head Lampshade by Kim Curtis
Rizzo Lampshade
Sandy Pop Head Lampshade by Kim Curtis
Sandy Lampshade with Perfection Chair and original Pop Head Paintings
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