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Flying the Flag

Union Flag Flying by Kim Curtis

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to our large Wall Art pieces. These are shaped paintings in either oil or acrylic that offer a little something different to traditional framed artwork!

Each piece is painted on board, cut to shape and finished on the edges with metallic stripping. As I prefer to work in oils, mine will always be in oil. Whilst Peter likes to use acrylic paints when working on this scale. As always, we both like variety and so you will find subjects ranging from Pop Art Bananas to Film Characters! All are designed to hang on the wall to make a bold impression on a room.

This is one of those Wall Art pieces depicting the Union Flag Flying. The sense of movement has been amplified by cutting the shape out so you get the impression that it is in mid flutter. The colours used -Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue and Naples Yellow – give an aged feel to the piece. I, personally, love the flag in vintage colours as it reminds me of our rich history.


Once the Wall Art was done, I decided I wanted to play with the image. So I went for a random repeat of the flag image. I have several plans for this design but the main ones are fabric for ottamans and chairs. Watch the web site for these when they’re ready.

Union Flag Fabric


Union Flag Cushions by Cut Loose Art
Union Flag Cushions by Cut Loose Art
Close Up of Union Flag Cushions

The cushions, however, are already done! Find out how you can purchase one of our exclusive Union Flag cushions here.

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