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Showing Off!

We are so excited to be working in collaboration with the first class team at H2H Interiors. The new H2H Interiors showroom in Devon showcases their range, craftsmanship, knowledge and know-how and Cut Loose Art are proud to be involved.

We have created a series of new pieces inspired by their beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms and reworked some of  our most popular artwork to compliment their interiors. The pieces have been created by us with the showroom in mind and are currently not available anywhere else. 

If you have been along to the showroom and are interested in any of the artworks on display, here are a few more details.

Highland Cow by Peter Taylor Ward



Highland Cow

The first piece as you enter the showroom is Highland Cow by Peter Taylor Ward. This cut out decorative panel is made using a giclee print of one of Peter’s digitally-coloured charcoal drawings.

On the web site, this is available as an A3 print on high quality Somerset paper. For the showroom, Peter has turned the print into a stunning cut-out panel with resin finish. The result is an impressive new take on a classic country house style image.

The Highland Cow is 80cm wide, 1.2cm deep and approximately 58cm high.

Priced at £130. Contact us for further details.



The Wave Series

Move through to a wonderfully designed deep blue kitchen and you will find the Wave Series by Peter Taylor Ward. These images, again, started life as charcoal drawings and were inspired by the work of Maggi Hambling and Japanese Paintings.

The resulting high quality giclee prints have been mounted on wooden panel and given a high gloss finish. They mirror the sophisticated kitchen design and are practical too!

Entitled Wave (left) and Wave II (right), they are offered individually. 

Each piece is an A3 print (297x420cm) and 3cm deep.

Priced at £45 each. Contact us for further details. 

The Wave Series by Peter Taylor Ward
Eagle by Peter Taylor Ward



The Eagle is a show-stopping artwork by Peter Taylor Ward. Peter was, again, inspired by Japanese Art when he created this digitally-coloured charcoal drawing. Although referencing Japanese painting, the image is timeless, international and lends itself to many interior styles and colour schemes.

It is also available on the web site as an A3 print but, for the showroom, the image has been made into a large scale piece of spectacular Wall Art. The nearly meter-wide giclee print is mounted onto board and resined to give a gloss finish. The gloss finish reflects and plays with the light increasing the feeling that the eagle is soaring through the space.

The Eagle is approximately 97cm wide, 85cm high and 1.2cm deep.

Priced at £195. Contact us for further details.

Eagle by Peter Taylor Ward



The Blue Rome Series

As you browse the fantastic collection of fixtures and fittings offered by H2H Interiors, cast an eye over this collection of artworks inspired by Rome.

The Blue Rome Series by Peter Taylor Ward consists of three Capricci paintings executed in oil and pencil and offered, here, as giclee prints with a resin finish. Capricci artworks are where the artist takes architectural elements or different buildings in the landscape and creates an imaginary composition with them. In this vein, Peter overlays his drawings of classical buildings to create a new landscape that is intriguing, textural and almost abstract.

These three artworks feature on cushions on our web site but have been given the giclee print treatment for the showroom. These can be purchased individually or as a set of three. The titles of the three works are Blue Rome I, Blue Rome II and Blue Rome III (pictured left to right).

Each piece is 30cm x 30cm x 20cm.

Priced at £40 each. Contact us for further details.

The Blue Rome Series by Peter Taylr Ward
NW Pacific Mask by Kim Curtis



NW Pacific Mask

This oil painting by Kim Curtis is of a North West Pacific mask depicting spiritual helpers. The carved wooden mask that the painting is based on is in a style unique to the First Nation People’s of Alaska and Canada that is still influencing artists today.

A particular motif on some tiles offered by H2H reminded Kim of this aesthetic and she saw it as an ideal accompanying artwork for the space. The muted teal and burnt orange mirror the colour scheme whilst providing interest, personality and a talking point!

Made in the trademark Cut Loose Art method, a giclee print is mounted on board and the piece is given a resin finish. 

The NW Pacific Mask is 61cm high, 46cm wide and 1.2cm deep.

Priced at £95. Contact us for further information



Leopard Green

Another piece inspired by the H2H Interiors is Leopard Green by Kim Curtis. An original oil painting by Kim was scanned and digitally colourised to match the greens of a safari-inspired wallpaper. The resulting giclee print was mounted on board and resined.

The cut out method that we use in many of our pieces enhances the 3D illusion of the illustration giving them a sculptural quality. We feel that this gives the Wall Art more impact than a framed print would do.

The Leopard Green is 87cm tall, approximately 46cm wide and 1.2cm deep.

Priced at £120. Contact us for further details.

Bathroom PopHead Series by Peter Ward


The Bathroom Pop Head Series

Allow us to introduce you to (clockwise from top left) Ursula, Lana, Liz with mascara and Pixie with mascara. These four resined prints are part of a series of Pop Art images called the Pop Heads. The series is by Peter Taylor Ward and versions of them are available on our web site as original paintings in acrylic, giclee prints and cushions.

Pop Art exploded into our lives in the late 50s and became a force to be reckoned with in the 1960s. To this day, the aesthetic has remained popular and art in this style brings fun, colour and glamour to any interior.

These four images have been digitally tweaked to compliment two of the bathroom designs in the H2H Interiors showroom. They were, therefore, exclusively created for this collaboration.

Sold individually, each is 30x30cm and 2.5cm deep.

Priced at £40 each. Contact us for further details.




And finally, let’s celebrate with some bubbles!

Bubbles started life as an oil painting by Kim Curtis. Exclusively for H2H Interiors, she has become a large scale giclee print with a resin finish. A bold, glossy addition to H2H Interior’s baby pink and navy bathroom design. Bubbles is bright and jazzy with a little splash of kitsch!

Artwork can make or break an interior. Your choice of design will speak volumes about your taste but artwork can add your personality and make a space your own. This large scale piece of Wall Art will be sure to show your fun side!

Bubbles is approximately 140cm wide, 82cm high and 1.2cm deep.

Priced at £295. Contact us for further details.

We hope you enjoy our work at the new H2H Interiors as well as their brilliant interior designs.

Bubbles by Kim Curtis
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