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Chair featuring the artwork of Peter Taylor Ward

A lost cause?

A Venetian Style makeover on an extremely battered, old chair. This unimpressive piece of furniture looked like it had stood in a 1970’s school staff room for years and then left there as the school was demolished around it! On arrival, it was covered in resin, paint and plaster dust and had rather wonky legs.

The fabric did not have much going for it either. It was a very course, utilitarian material in an unappealing colour and covered in stains that didn’t bear thinking about. The padding was thin, the hessian ripped and the springs sagging. In all, it was in a sorry state.

The most obvious place for it was the bin and, to be honest, once all the unusable bits were stripped away, there was not much left. In fact, there was just a wooden frame. But I loved the curve of the arms and the tapering supports between the back and arms. I could see a lovely chair and knew just the artwork that would suit it. However, this was going to be not so much upcycling as starting again!

Chair in need
Stripping the Chair
The rebuild starts
The back is completed

The Artwork

Peter Taylor Ward has taken inspiration from the architecture of Venice for much of his work. He has used it as a subject for detailed pencil drawings, large-scale oil paintings and digitally coloured pen drawings. He has also executed a number of loose charcoal drawings featuring scenes from this elegant city. It was to these digitally coloured charcoal drawings that I looked for a suitable fabric.

Venice II Tint already appears in a range of resin-finished prints and is the piece that was chosen for the chair. Printed onto a hard-wearing twill upholstery fabric, the image was to be used in three separate sections. The skyline features on the backrest with the arms seeming to extend from the buildings like architectural features. The seat uses the foreground of the artwork with the dark waters and forest of mooring poles. More poles are depicted in an almost abstract style on the back panel. 

New seat for an old chair
Chair seat taking shape
Not quite ready to sit on

A Transformation

Although the wooden frame still has its quirky assyemtric lines, it is now stable and has a smooth, charcoal grey finish. The colour was chosen to mirror the original media of the artwork.

It is now a far cry from the battered, old chair it was with a stylish new look. 

Venice Tint Series by Peter Taylor Ward
Venice II Tint Chair by Cut Loose Art
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