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The Whaam Chair hand painted by Peter Taylor Ward
The Whaam Chair hand painted by Peter Taylor Ward The back of the Whaam Chair Whaam Chair by Peter Taylor Ward The Whaam Chair by Peter Taylor Ward

Whaam Chair!


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Original Hand Painted Whaam! chair by Peter Taylor Ward. This design is based on probably one of the most famous Lichtenstein works – Whaam! – which, in turn, is based on the work of Comic Book Artist, Irv Novick.

An iconic Pop Art image has been adapted to create a funky piece of furniture that will certainly make an impact in any room!

The design on the chair takes elements from the Lichtenstein Diptych which depicts a scene of aerial combat that was originally designed for an issue of DC Comic’s ‘All American Men of War’.

Anything and everything American was the main focus of Pop Art from Hollywood posters to everyday household cleaning and food packaging and the bright, brash, bold imagery helped to influence commercial design throughout the western world and beyond. With the continued popularity of ‘retro’ artwork and design that was spawned in the Pop Art era, we feel that the chair has great appeal now and for a very good while to come.

So, if you like a retro feel or are a comic art fan, why not add a burst of fiery colour to your interior design scheme with this dynamic piece of furniture?

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Original Hand Painted Whaam! chair by Peter Taylor Ward.

As with the original painting, the design uses a limited palette of just 6 colours – black, white, grey, blue, red and yellow. The neutral black and white work in harmony with the cool tones of the blue and grey whilst the bold blocks of red and yellow provide contrasting accents that really pack a punch.

Painted in acrylic and casein paints, a strong, flat colour is achieved with just enough brush retention marks to make it evident that the piece is hand painted.

Several coats of a satin varnish give it durability and an attractive sheen as well as a finish that is easy to clean with just a wet cloth.

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